Privacy 🔒

Online privacy is extremely important to me. As such, I take great care in making sure your personal information is both kept secure and only used to better understand how people are using and interacting with my portfolio.

Whose data do I collect?

Right off the bat, it's important to understand that, by default, I only collect data from users in the United States. I use the free API IPinfo to determine the country your IP is located in and, if it's not from the US, I block any tracking. You can read IPinfo's privacy policy for more detailed information on their end.

What data do I collect?

For users in the US, I collect basic information about their browsing. This includes:

  • What pages you visit
  • How you got to my portfolio (e.g., did you click a link or type in the URL directly)
  • What browser you used to access my portfolio
  • What general geographic area are you in - This is based off of your IP address

All data collected is anonymized. If you, however, wish to ensure your data is removed, please contact me.

Can I opt-out?

I'm working on it! Privacy is one of my biggest concerns so I completely understand if you want to opt-out. I'm working on supporting this, but in the mean time, you can send a Do Not Track signal. While this isn't supported widely across the web, I intend to support it. Thank you for your understanding!