Web Development Intern June 2017–August 2019, Creative Design Intern August 2019–January 2020.


Migrate SDOT’s HTML website into a new content management system; train employees on how to be web editors; redesign Seattle Traffic based on usability testing.


Successfully migrated and audited SDOT’s website; empowered employees to edit their own webpages; implemented accessibile web standards and utilized usability testing.


In June 2017, I was hired to help SDOT migrate their website from an outdated, static HTML site into an advanced, enterprise‐scale content‐management system called Ingeniux.

From then until June 2019, I was the main point‐of‐contact for all SDOT staff with any requests related to the SDOT public‐facing website. This included the creation and management of new webpages, the updating of existing webpages, and the auditing and updating of existing information architectures.

Starting in August 2019 (after I spent the summer as a research assistant at the Tokyo Institute of Technology), my role shifted to focus on creative design. My first project involved interpreting and implementing findings from user research and usability testing done on one of SDOT’s web properties — Seattle Traffic. You can explore my Seattle Traffic project for more information.